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This is a place where the car enthusiast of any kind can come and enjoy the thoughts of one seriously disturbed petrolhead who has an opinion on everything.

About Me

Cars have always been my passion, and I do mean always.  When the embarrassing home videos come out, you can see me as a small child, hands always full of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars, too enthralled by miniature facsimiles of magnificent machines that adults would drive around to be interested in anything that was actually going on in the world around me.  After some time being active in the online car enthusiast community, I started as Lead Reviewer for the website, long before online magazines were called blogs, made up of a small group of undaunted car enthusiasts who just had to do what we could tell the world about our take on the market, the cars themselves, and the direction of automotive world.  Since the site went dark and the founder ended our participation, I've been looking for an outlet of the conversations and opinions that leave me without company at dinner parties; it's nice to be able to talk about manual transmissions, the importance of a manually operated clutch, pedal and steering feel, and the need to push the bounds of the man/machine relationship.

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